Are You Busy Judging?

Posted: December 24, 2010 in YouMeUS

Judging comes quite naturally to you and me. Are you busy judging people, be it your friends, people at work, or just a stranger? Then stop now! Let me start by stating a small, yet worthy personal incident. ‘She’s so full of attitude’, that’s the kind of judgment I made about an acquaintance, before she went on to become my best pal. Only if I had not realized that I had judged her too soon, I would have lost out on someone so precious. We’re the best of friends today and this incident made me realize what I was about to lose in life, all thanks to my quick judging skills. All you people there, recollecting similar incidents too? With this anecdote, I hope I have managed to give you an insight into what this article has in store for you. It’s purely my experience from this and some other similar episodes that have made me put forth this write up.

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, a very common proverb. Many of us in spite of understanding the meaning are unable to implement in our lives, why is it so? We, as humans have the tendency to judge people too soon, even before getting to know them and sometimes in the first glance or meeting itself. What’s the hurry? Why not give ourselves and people sometime before passing any judgments? Trust me; it’ll give us time to understand them better and probably judge them right too. I am quite sure you would dislike it if someone judged your nature as being ‘rude’ only because your first behavior hinted so, whereas you’re actually just not like that. So, by judging too soon, we are in reality missing out on an opportunity to know the actual nature and character of a person and the trouble is, you might instead be judging the person all wrong. We all know, an impression once formed, may last a lifetime, so wait before you form that one.

Judging people constantly is no good either. Imagine yourself being eyed continuously and every act of yours being judged? I assume you wouldn’t like it. So why adopt that kind of behavior with anyone else? Here I would be delighted to share with you, a simple principle, which I have come to strongly believe in (after faltering though), and you must have heard it too sometime, ‘do unto others, as you would want them to do with you’. A very easy to understand statement, yet difficult to apply, but once applied, will save you a lot of stress. If co-related to this article, simply means, you wouldn’t like being judged always, so don’t do that to others.

Judging is a natural part of the human behavior and this write up has no intentions what so ever to undermine the importance of judging. I agree, that it is important to judge people and good judgment skills are hard to acquire as well. But all I wish to drive home is that avoid, firstly forming an opinion too soon and secondly, constant judging. I believe we should at least know people well enough before we go on to judge. And, if you’re busy judging people, where is the time to know and love them?

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