Life Evolves and we do it….

Posted: December 7, 2010 in YouMeUS

The possibilities in life evolve to the degree that our beliefs evolve.

There was a time when space travel was considered to be fantasy. The world was once believed to be flat. The Earth was acknowledged as the center of our galaxy.

At any point in time, the world finds itself adhering to the beliefs espoused by its authority figures. Evolution comes when someone pops their head up out of the herd and finds that life is different than what is popularly believed.

Just like we’ve learned to travel through space; discovered the world is a sphere; and proven the Sun is the center of our galaxy; evolved scientists are, today, popping their heads up out of the herd and finding the possibilities in life are far greater than popular authority figures in traditional science, religion, politics, business and the media would lead us to believe.

“What does this mean for me??”

Where we were once told we had no affect on the world around us, quantum physicists are now proving that our consciousness directly affects the world around us. In short, they are saying our thoughts, feelings and beliefs manifest things into our physical lives.


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